Transformation Through Presence Breath Immersion

with Kathleen Barratt

September 22 & 23
Friday 6–9 pm & Saturday 12–6 pm
$165, pre-registration required with Kathleen:


“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.”
– Thich Nhat Hanh


Discover the potential of the breath to cultivate profound states of awareness that are both mystical and practical. This two-day breath immersion offers an experiential exploration into the transformational healing power of presence. A progressive sequence of breath and meditative practices provide the experiential framework for cultivating an inner sensory awareness of the more subtle qualities of the breath. In inviting presence to the breath, we begin to become aware of those places within ourselves where we hold back—where we resist life. Learning how to open to the breath and its natural movements teaches us how to open to the vibrancy of life. This begins to influence us on every level of our being, initiating powerful changes within ourselves, within our lives. Our breath becomes a rich pathway to illumination, wisdom, and freedom.


Foundations of Restorative Breathwork® Professional Course

with Kathleen Barratt 

Friday, October 13,  noon - 4 pm
Saturday, October 14,  noon - 4 pm
Sunday, October 15, 11 am - 3 pm

$225 Pre-registration with Angela is required

It is in the silent space of stillness that we awaken to an inner presence that transforms us physically, mentally, and spiritually.

—Kathleen Barratt, Barratt Breath Institute. 

This weekend training will provide a systematic approach to integrating short, restorative breath practices into a yoga class and other healing arts.Through lectures, discussions, and hands-on practice, students will learn how to guide others into inner states of stillness through the breath. Kathleen’s unique approach to teaching creates the environment for vibrant and profound experiences that will enrich a personal and professional practice for years to come. 

This continuing education course complements and integrates well with a wide variety of mind/body systems and is appropriate for both laypeople and professionals in various healing and self-development fields.